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we strive for excellence in service and interaction


we remain nimble to adapt to changing partner needs


we include and honor all voices equally


we work jointly with partners to co-produce approaches to suit their needs


we practice patience and make space for teams to move through their process


we cultivate genuine relationships to nurture sincere engagement experiences 


we design experiences led by input and insight from our clients

our principles


The colloquial exchange collaborative is a partnership of culturally competent facilitators who believe in the power of dialogue to transform world-views, experiences, perspectives and help groups achieve better outcomes. The collaborative is dedicated to working with organizations,  communities, teams, and groups to discover, explore and design solutions to complex challenges through consultation, group facilitation, team building, and community engagement. We employ unique strategies and creative approaches to better understand challenges and also help lead to real change and innovative solutions. 

meet our team


V. Yvette Brown


Yvette is a human communication professional with more than 20 years of experience in both nonprofit and public sectors. She has worked with a range of audiences including college students, community stakeholders and decision-makers. Certified in facilitation, change management, and diversity and inclusion, Yvette is adept in training, group facilitation, and workshop planning. 

She is also proficient in qualitative and quantitative research design including surveys, focus groups and interviews. 

Brown is a research fellow with the Center for Advanced Public Safety (CAPS). She has PhD. in Mass Communication and Media Studies, a M.S. in Media Communication and a B.S. in Mass Communication.

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